War and Peace


Diana completed an extensive project working on the new BBC TV adaptation of War and Peace which was shown earlier this year. Filming in some of the most sought after locations of St Petersburg and then in Lithuania, this epic project showcased her expertise in both historical social dance and Russian and Polish Folk Dance.

Here is a short extract from The Radio Times. In response to having watched Episode 3, Sarah Doran writes on 24th January 2016:

Andrei and Natasha’s wonderful waltz through the Russian winter palace’s ballroom (which wouldn’t have looked out of place on Strictly) was everything a period drama romance fan could have asked for.

it was beautifully interspersed with shots that told other elements of the story, the pacing, the choreography and acting combined to deliver a sumptuous Sunday night treat that set even the coldest hearts racing.

No wonder the waltz earned a 10 from Len, Darcy, Bruno and even Craig.”